Real Cacagirl TikTok video controversy explained as internet slams circulation (2024)

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Social media influencer The Real CacaGirl and her boyfriend, Julian's private video, has been leaked online. Netizens have since taken to social media to diss fellow internet users for circulating the explicit video.

The Real CacaGirl is best known as an influencer on TikTok. She has amassed over 1.1 million followers on the video-sharing platform. Most of her content revolves around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

She regularly shares content from brand collaborations and PR packages she has received. Occasionally, her boyfriend, Julian, makes appearances in her videos.

Recently, the influencer has been trending on social media for problematic reasons. A video of CacaGirl and her boyfriend sharing a private moment together has taken over the internet and has gone viral on Twitter and Discord.

It appeared as if the internet personality was comfortable with the camera being in front of her. However, it remains unclear whether she consented to the video being circulated across social media platforms.

At the time of writing this article, the influencer had not addressed the video leak. It also remains unknown whether the person behind the video leak has been caught.

Netizens react to The Real CacaGirl's video getting leaked on social media

Internet users were incredibly disturbed with the video finding its way online. The fact that the influencer was a minor only made netizens wearier of the situation.

Netizens were disgusted that a private video of 15 and 16-year-olds was being circulated online. Many slammed those disseminating the clip by calling them p*dophiles.

A few reactions to the situation read:

Who is The Real CacaGirl's boyfriend?

The Real CacaGirl's real name is Melanie. She is in a relationship with fellow internet personality Julian, who operates on TikTok under the username of @notjay12. He does not have a massive following like his girlfriend.

However, he boasts a respectable follower count of 540k. His first video was uploaded to the video-sharing platform in February 2022, where he posed alongside his girlfriend.

Most of his content includes his girlfriend as well. However, he occasionally posts videos of himself solo in mundane activities.

The couple has a YouTube channel under the name Julian and Melanie, with nearly 6.5k subscribers. They have uploaded only three videos on the channel, the latest one being one of them answering fan questions.

During the video, they shared that they were both 15 and believed the correct age to get married would be between 24 and 25. In the 10-minute-long video, they also revealed the first thing they noticed about each other when they first met.

Julian said that he first spotted his now-girlfriend's crocs. Melanie revealed that Julian's hair was the first thing that stood out.

Melanie's Instagram account revealed that the pair have been dating for almost a year.

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Real Cacagirl TikTok video controversy explained as internet slams circulation (2024)


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