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By Bhavya Shah

Developed by Candywriter LLC, BitLife – Life Simulator is rapidly growing with over 10 million downloads on Play Store.

It is an amusing game that lets you make life choices followed by subsequent repercussions. To developers claim it to be the first text life stimulator that “truly mashes up and simulates adult life”.

There are lots of achievements in BitLife. To accomplish those, you might have to collect ribbons or even live in different situations.

At present, there are some 157 achievements which may vary depending on the version of the game. While few are quite effortless tasks, others may take due course of time to be accomplished. Here’s the list of all 157 achievements:

All BitLife Achievements List

  1. Millionaire– Become a millionaire
  2. My Second Million– Achieve a net worth of $2m
  3. Multimillionaire– Achieve a net worth of $10m
  4. Rich– Achieve a net worth of $20m
  5. Super Rich– Achieve a net worth of $50m
  6. Stinking Rich– Achieve a net worth of $100m
  7. Bitionaire– Achieve a net worth of $1b
  8. Social Media– Join social media
  9. Social Media Sharer– Post on social media
  10. Social Media Oversharer– Post 5 times on social media in one life
  11. Social Media Star– Get a million followers on social media
  12. Check!– Get a social media account verified
  13. Complete a Life– Complete a full life
  14. Octogenerian– See your 80th birthday
  15. Nonagenarian– See your 90th birthday
  16. Centenarian– See your 100th birthday
  17. Super-centenarian– See your 110th birthday
  18. Mega-centenarian– See your 120th birthday
  19. Strong Genes– Achieve a 500-year generation
  20. Long Lineage– Achieve a 1000-year generation
  21. Living Legacy– Achieve a 5000-year generation
  22. Animal Rescue– Rescue an animal
  23. Deaf Leopard– Yell at a leopard
  24. Gorilla and the Fist– Get decapitated by a gorilla
  25. Hungry Hippo– Get killed by a hippopotamus
  26. Lion Tamer– Rescue a lion
  27. Unicorn– Find a unicorn
  28. Actor– Become an actor
  29. Airline Captain– Become an airline captain
  30. At Inner Peace– Work 75 years as a monk
  31. Candywriter– Work for BitLife
  32. CEO– Become a CEO
  33. Dentist– Become a dentist
  34. Doctor– Become a doctor
  35. Fire Chief– Become a fire chief
  36. Jack Of All Trades– Have 10 careers in one life
  37. Judge– Become a judge
  38. Last Resort– Seduce your boss to save your job
  39. Lawyer– Become a lawyer
  40. People Person– Befriend all of your co-workers
  41. Armed & Dangerous– Kill someone with a learned martial art move
  42. Medieval Attack– Get attacked with a medieval weapon
  43. No Grasshopper– Earn the top belt in a martial art
  44. Sensei San– Earn the top belt in every martial art
  45. Addicted– Sustain 3 addictions at once
  46. Bubonic Plague– Contract the bubonic plague
  47. Foam at the Mouth– Contract rabies
  48. Sickly– Contract 10 diseases in one life
  49. Successful Rehab– Have an addiction cured at a rehab center
  50. Witchcraft– Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor
  51. BitBoi– Watch Bijuu Mike on YouTube
  52. BTS ARMY– Go to a BTS concert
  53. Moviegoer– Go to a movie
  54. Movie Junkie– Go to 5 movies in one life
  55. Brightest Star– Achieve maximum fame
  56. Centerfold– Pose for Wank magazine
  57. Endorser– Get paid $2m for a commercial
  58. K-Pop– Become a famous Korean singer
  59. DNA Donor– Make 25 sperm donations in one life
  60. Fabulously Fertile– Have 10 children in one lifetime
  61. Fertile Myrtle– Mother 25 children in one life
  62. Smart Seed– Get artificially inseminated with lawyer sperm
  63. Super Sperm– Have 100 children in one life
  64. Three’s Company– Have triplets
  65. Bejeweled– Receive 3 pieces of jewelry from the same lover
  66. Black Widow– Widow 5 husbands in one life
  67. Diamond Anniversary– Be in a marriage for 75 years
  68. Fake It– Propose successfully with a fake ring
  69. Family Planner– Convince a lover to go off birth control
  70. Golden Anniversary– Be in a marriage for 50 years
  71. Maiden Named– Marry a man who takes your last name
  72. Multigamist– Get married 10 times in one life
  73. Stud– Have 100 lovers in a single lifetime
  74. Wedding Planner– Agree to an arranged marriage
  75. Career Military– Serve your full career in the military
  76. General– Achieve the rank of general in the military
  77. Admiral– Achieve the rank of admiral in the military
  78. Absent Without Leave– Go AWOL in the military
  79. Excavator– Clear 10 minefields
  80. Aftermath– Escape prison in a riot
  81. Behind Bars– Spend 50 years in prison
  82. Cry Baby– Cry in prison
  83. Escape Artist– Escape from prison
  84. Gangsta– Join a prison gang
  85. Inmating– Get a lover pregnant on a conjugal visit
  86. Instigator– Start a prison riot
  87. Justice– Get freed from prison by appeal
  88. Mercy Me– Get granted clemency
  89. Midnight Express– Get sentenced to a Turkish prison
  90. Theseus– Escape a supermax prison
  91. True Lifer– Spend 75 years in prison
  92. Executioner– Execute 20 people
  93. Markle– Marry into the British royal family
  94. Monarch– Become a monarch
  95. Napoleon– Get exiled to a distant land
  96. Reign Over Us– Reign as monarch for 100 years
  97. House Hunter– Make $2m from flipping houses
  98. Real Estate Mogul– Purchase real estate worth $10m combined
  99. Mansion Party– Throw a party in a mansion
  100. Trailer Party– Throw a party in a trailer
  101. Earning That A– Seduce your teacher
  102. Naughty Child– Get expelled from school
  103. Brothers Forever– Get hired by a frat brother
  104. Swimming Star– Become captain of the swim team
  105. Lambo– Buy a Lamborghini
  106. Antiqued– Keep a car running for 200 years
  107. Car Collector– Assemble a car collection worth $1m
  108. Extra Leg Room– Take your own 747 on a vacation
  109. Not The Yellow One– Buy a submarine
  110. Titanic Trouble– Run into trouble on a yacht
  111. All Along– Have a parent who comes out of the closet
  112. Begone– Exorcise your own ghost
  113. BitLife Legend– Complete every other achievement
  114. Booty Call– Have a successful Brazilian butt lift
  115. Cliff Diver– Go cliff diving
  116. Dignified Donor– Donate a $1m+ heirloom to charity
  117. Flamin’ Hot– Survive 60 years on a Hot Cheetos diet
  118. Flee the Country– Emigrate to escape justice
  119. Frankenstein– Survive 5 botched plastic surgeries
  120. Goat Grabber– Join a goat grabbing team
  121. Hero– Save someone’s life
  122. Human Dictionary– Read the dictionary
  123. Hyperthymesia– Score 20 sequences on the memory test
  124. Jackpot– Win the lottery jackpot
  125. Lowroller– Get refused entry to a casino
  126. Nightmare– Wake up from a nightmare
  127. Paranightmare– Contract PTSD after a paranormal experience
  128. Perfection– Achieve perfect stats
  129. Player Perks– Accept a casino’s hospitality offer
  130. Resourceful– Get $1m without ever working a day
  131. Rich Justice– Win a $1m+ lawsuit
  132. Roswell– Have an alien encounter
  133. Run Bitizen!– Win a bet on Bitizen the horse
  134. Sacrilege– Play with the Holy Grail
  135. Say Goodbye to Hollywood– Get deported from the United States
  136. Skeezy– Get called “skeezy”
  137. Snake Snack– Eat a snake
  138. Sweepstakes– Win the sweepstakes
  139. There’s Always Canada– Emigrate to Canada
  140. Try & Stop Me– Violet a restraining order
  141. Ultimate Betrayal– Your spouse leaves you following a gender reassignment
  142. Unethical– Bribe a college official
  143. Winnipeg, Eh?– Visit Winnipeg on vacation
  144. ZAP!– Get struck by lightning
  145. Balcony Buccaneer– Steal 100 packages in one life
  146. Bugatti Bandit– Steal a Bugatti
  147. Burglar– Burgle 25 homes in one life
  148. Cold Killer– Kill 10 people in one life
  149. Dillinger– Rob 5 banks in one life
  150. Going Anywhere– Rob the midnight train
  151. Scare to Death– Scare someone to death
  152. Serial Killer– Kill 25 people in one life
  153. Adopt Don’t Shop– Rescue every pet in the shelter
  154. Horsing Around– Own 50 horses in one life
  155. Just Keep Swimming– Buy a goldfish and release it
  156. Natural Selection– Have a pet that kills your lover
  157. No Probllama– Buy a llama
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