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Chat Avenue - Is old really gold?

Chat Avenue started in 2000. It requires you to guest chat in any chat room, or register for an account. The platform has a VIP mode as well which allows you to use even more features in all chats.

Chat Avenue is a chat room collection, not a stranger-instant-talk, though it allows for that function, including video. As such, the system is more similar to Discord than to Omegle, for example. This can be a huge plus for people looking to be a part of a community and not just do one-on-one cam chats with strangers.

It has 18 categories. All the categories have specific rules and features.

Here are Chat Avenue’s 18 categories:

  • College chat
  • Adult chat
  • Singles chat
  • Dating chat
  • General chat
  • Teen chat
  • Kids chat
  • Gay chat
  • Girls chat
  • Lie chat
  • Video chat
  • Sports chat
  • Music chat
  • Lesbian chat
  • Video games chat
  • Boys chat
  • Mobile chat
  • Cam chat

Note that “Video chat with girls” and “Chatroulette with girls” category buttons are actually ad/sponsored links that take you to CooMeet – another chat application.

Between these 18 categories, you are sure to find interesting people to talk to regardless of the time of the day. These categories alone allow Chat Avenue to punch above its weight and tackle even more popular chat services such as Omegle, where you can’t narrow down by categories, and even if you set preferences, it’s a gamble for the most part.

Chat Avenue - Features and drawbacks to know before you join


  • The categories are alone one of the strongest points about Chat Avenue. All categories have specific rules and regulations as well as features. For example, the video game chat has features such as consequent music playing.
  • Chat Avenue also has a forum section. The forums are very active with dozens of members online at any given time. You can use the forums as sort of a meta channel to discuss the platform and its mechanics itself, including suggestions or reports.
  • You can add people to chat lists and message them privately as well.


  • As with any other chat room service, Chat Avenue is also full of spam. This is especially true for the Adult Chat room. Also, many rooms are full of sexually explicit content as well as all sorts of inappropriate material.
  • It is pretty commonplace to be private messages by bots or spammers sharing links to shady or adult websites. Remember, if a message seems too good to be true, it is not true.

Simple answers to popular queries regarding Chat Avenue

Let’s answer some common questions people have regarding the Chat Avenue platform.

#1. How relevant are Chat Avenue chat rooms today?

Chat rooms are not all the craze now. They used to be that way in the early days of the internet. Chat Avenue is no exception. Having seen exploding popularity in the earlier years of the century, it quickly succumbed to the might of social media platforms and other instant chat competitors. Today, only a fraction of the people use it. It’s not outdated or archaic, however. But it is a bit old. For example, in the Abbreviations Guide, they still have abbreviations such as EMSG (Email Message) and J2LUK (Just to Let You Know).

#2. What will I find in Chat Avenue?

Chat Avenue’s chat rooms all have varying degrees of activity. Music, on one hand, barely has 5-6 members online at a time with nearly nonexistent activity. The general chat, on the other hand, has hundreds of people chatting about stuff which you can’t jump into suddenly, your messages will just be lost – yes, it’s that active. And then there are other rooms in between with different levels of activity. Will you find a friend to talk to? An interesting conversation to be a part of? A life partner? A dick picture? Only time will tell.

#3. Is Chat Avenue safe?

It is as safe as things can get online. It is safer than services such as Omegle and Ome TV because of a few reasons. Firstly, there are specific chat rooms. So if you don’t want anything to do with sexual content, you just don’t go into the adult chat room. Secondly, as it’s not one-on-one (unless you want it to be), it is a whole chat room seeing that dick pick, not just you. Thirdly, the mod staff is pretty active and reports do work.

Does Chat Avenue work?

It is best to think of Chat Avenue as a rudimentary, very rudimentary, version of Discord. It is full of chat rooms, which were all the rage back in the day (decades ago, to be precise). If you want, you can still have some fun in your favorite rooms after registering. If you are looking for vintage chat action, then Chat Avenue is definitely the place to be. Use chat lingo, outdated abbreviations, and go nuts with gradient fonts!

Trusting you are still into chat rooms, Chat Avenue promises a type of fun you have never witnessed before. Alternatively, it might actually be something that gets you hooked on the chat room fever, who knows?

Chat Avenue remains to be an active example of what chat rooms were all about. It has preserved the feel of the whole system pretty well and it’s a pleasant surprise to find like-minded people in these rooms. We wish you all the best!

7strangers.com - random chat, chat with strangers (2024)


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